Latest Project

Steel House

South Palm Springs, California
Architect: Donald Wexler

A little over a decade ago, Donald Wexler drew up the last known plans commissioned from the famed architect.  Utilizing these original plans, Yann Debonne Builders was contracted to build this unique steel post-and-beam home in south…Read More

Who We Are

Yann Debonne Builders is a Pasadena based company led by Yann Debonne and comprised by a collection of creators and artists who share our core values, instincts, standards, transparency and character, all of which we believe define the true meaning of, “craftsmanship.”


We have a reputation for impeccable quality and attention to detail that goes beyond aesthetics. We believe that quality and integrity of workmanship begins underneath the surface – what is created inside the walls is as important as what is created on the outside.


Yann Debonne is an Emmy Award-winning television editor and producer. Having produced and directed over two thousand hours of live television, live music concerts, and unscripted programming, Executive Producer Debonne is no stranger to creating and building experiences for others to enjoy.


Since his adolescence, Yann has had a love for all things mechanical and a thirst for creating. Having restored or renovated many homes throughout the years, Yann’s passion for building culminated with his takeover of a failed real estate management company. Within four years, Yann turned the business into profitability and capped his successful tenure at the company by supplying capital to build the first two CVS pharmacies in the state of Utah.


In his rare moments of free time, Yann enjoys welding, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing and traveling with his wife and two children.